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Thanks for checking out TAM (beta), the answering machine by qrobe.it. TAM is a search algorithm that focuses on understanding questions and finding answers.

In the world where search engines are focused on searching for the question, TAM searches for answers. TAM finds most of its answers real-time on the web by reading unstructured data and applying natural language processing, just like a human would.

Below are some examples of what TAM can help you find or ask your own.
Wondering what the population of China's capital is or its per capita GDP? What is the tallest mountain in Japan is or its longest river? The longest river in the world or its deepest lake?
Curious about how old Tom Hanks is or where his wife was born? Or where Steve Jobs was born or who he is married to. How many husbands did Elizabeth Taylor have? Or just her last one?
Caught a star wars bug? Want to know how much the first star wars movie made, what its budget was? Who directed star wars episode V, when was it released? Who wrote twilight book, when was the twilight movie released? Who directed the recent releases super 8 or the upcoming movie transformer 3.
Researching Potassium? Who discovered it? When? What is its atomic number or its melting point?
What potassium nitrate is or what it's used for? What the fastest animal on earth is or the largest?
A friend not well? Researching what strep throat is? Its symptoms? Or what causes it?
Or curious about what triglyceride is or what trans fats are?
What is a cyclone, other than an object in a game? What is this cloud computing thing everyone is talking about? When is Thanksgiving Day this year, or just what is the next holiday?
Have a bet on when Whoomp! was released? Or who wrote it? Who wrote the song "here comes the sun" and when was it released?
Need to find who wrote pride and prejudice or who published it?
Who wrote LOTR or the girl with the dragon tattoo.?

These are only a hint of what TAM can answer. TAM can already answer millions of questions on hundreds of topics but the technology is still in its infancy and very much in beta. TAM is a very exciting technology and there is a lot more coming.

satisfy more of your curiosity at qrobe.it

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